I’m pleased to announce 4 paintings of my new collection “Birth of the Middle Aged Man” will participate in The Ocean Between II at the KrAssUnARTig and Galerie Koch opening July 20, 2019. I will be arriving just in time that Saturday, armed with additional drawings from the collection, for the opening of the exhibition. I should write about the last time I was headed to Germany and overshot the train station, but that is for another time.

Following that I will be participating in the International Art Symposium at Kreismuseum Syke which takes place July 22-July 28. This symposium will include workshops and a visit to Worpswede with artists and filmmakers involved. We will be collaborating, creating and experimenting during our residency at the museum with German, Austrian and US artists. I believe this exhibition will further my artistic development through KulturBruecke’s international linkages. This artistic exploration and alignment will create relationships for future exhibitions and more cross-cultural exchanges.