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2610, 2021

For A Minor Fee

By |October 26th, 2021|

I recently received an email from a curator from a gallery in Spain. It was an invitation to participate in an exhibition in Paris in early January 2022. I was skeptical because emails that offer opportunities are often scams. This wasn’t a scam, per se, but it would end up costing me a lot up front without any promise of a return. It all had to do with fees, shipping, customs, and percentages.

The E1000 fee that the gallery requested for participation in the exhibition would cover the gallery transporting my art to Paris for the exhibition, insuring it en route, and the gallery personnel working as sales representatives for the three day exhibition. The gallery would also take a 40% commission from the sales price for each picture. In addition to the upfront fee I would be in charge of the international shipping of the art, to and from Spain prior to and after the exhibition. 

Perhaps this is normal? I would be interested to read your thoughts. 

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