The exhibition at the Museum of Wisconsin Art is done. I enjoyed being a part of this group of incredible artists. I am reminded that it is time to start to highlighting artists who inspire me. 

Today I want to write briefly about one of them, a dear friend and talented woman, LaNia Sproles. I have known LaNia for a number of years. The first work I saw by her were her senior graduate works from MIAD, paper collages and cut outs that were lyrical and bold. I was excited and wanted to see more. Years have passed and since then I have watched her work evolve and in that evolution I started to see a beautiful pattern. I had always thought that the evolution of creation was a line trajectory, which didn’t circle back on itself. In LaNia’s work I feel its nature is a spiral, always circling back to touch on earlier ideas, reconceptualizing her original work and often adding something new, perhaps by altering an older idea or taking it back to printmaking from painting, for example. She reminds me to not abandon earlier work, to joyously investigate and rethink earlier paradigms. I’m taking this to heart. 

You can see her website here: