It’s July 2021. How have you been? It has been a very creative time for me over the past two years. Please take a moment to look at the newer works on my site. I am very excited about the directions I’ve been going. And yes, I do mean directions, as in plural. 

My Birth of the Middle Aged Man series remains a loving and wry exploration of the mental acrobatics and decisions made by middle aged men as they transition into the next stage of life, whatever that is. I feel very tender emotions about these men, where they are in their lives and sometimes what happens when they use society as the measure of their value and not their inner knowing.

Birth of the Middle Aged Woman is the ongoing excavation of change from external valuation to self valuation in at any stage of life, but particularly in the middle years. The Powerful Women series is a visceral challenge to what I have seen as the art historical lack of women in power positions. For the Powerful Women series I started playing with images of men from the art historical records, excised them, and put women in the same setting. The response to the visible vulva has been nothing short of surprising. It is mete and right to me, so I will remain with this decision. Powerful Women is taking over the power positions of men, and the Birth of the Middle Aged Woman is really a celebration of an internal, female voice in the decision making apparatus which excises the power over dynamic of the societal decision making position held by men for far too long.